5 Reasons Why My Older Sister Rocks

Growing up, my older sister and I were polar opposites. We couldn’t have been more different. Granted, it was probably our age gap that put the strain on our relationship. She’s twelve years older than I am. 

I didn’t have the chance to rummage through her closet to find something cute to wear to school. I didn’t have her to give me dating advice when boys were new to me. She was really just a person I coexisted with until she moved out at eighteen and then it became far and few between when I would see her. You know, the occasional sleep over with her and my younger sister that felt more like a babysitting job. 

As I got older, the feeling of no relationship with my sister began to bother me. (If you haven’t learned by now, relationships mean a lot to me.) I would come home telling our mom, “She hates me. I don’t know what to do to make her like me, but she hates me.” And I’d cry. (I’m a crybaby, as well lol.) 

But then eventually everything changed. She got pregnant, and had my niece and then our relationship started to grow. Five years later and now she’s one of my best friends. 

Here’s five reasons why my older sister ROCKS:

  1. She gives the best advice! Whenever I’m not too sure about something, I run straight to my sister. I know she’ll always give me her honest opinion and won’t beat around the bush. 
  2. She’ll eat food and get her toes done with me whenever! Two things I love is eating, preferably Mexican food, and getting my toes done (mainly for the leg massage) and she’s my go to girl. When one of us are in the mood, our cells are out and we’re planning our date. 
  3. She’s opened her home to me! Yes, I’m twenty years old and I still live at home. (BROKE COLLEGE STUDENT OVER HERE) but come on, who can stand to stay at home with their parents 24/7? Not I! She’s basically gotten used to me being at her house when she gets off work, and I’m basically #6 in the family when planning for dinner 😉 
  4. She understands me! I’m not the easiest person to understand, but I’m also not the hardest person to understand. She takes what I say into consideration and really tries to understand what I’m feeling or saying. 
  5. She doesn’t hate me! Yep, after twenty years of life, I’ve found out my older sister doesn’t hate me. Surprise surprise, right?

I’m so lucky to have the relationship I do with my older sister and all the time I get to spend with her and her family. Too bad I still can’t steal her clothes cause her wardrobe is made up of button downs and black slacks for work and Nikes 194841 times too big for my feet. 

Thanks for being the best big sister anyone could ask for. 


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