Why I Miss High School

Here I am, twenty years old and almost a junior in college, but to this day, I still miss high school. 

If given the opportunity, I would go back right this second and redo high school a million times over. 

Most people my age are enjoying the freedoms that come along with college like partying, staying out all hours of the night, endless amounts of alcohol, but none of that appeals to me. 

College is supposed to be the best days of our lives, right? Not for me. 

I miss high school. 

I miss high school because  I miss all of the club activities I was involved with whether it be planning our next chapter meeting or getting ready for competition. My club was my life; it was my safe haven that I knew I could always run to. 

I miss high school because I miss helping out with the wrestling team and being a Diamond Dolls. I miss spending almost every day of the fall/winter at the mats with a score book in my hand, waiting for the pin or the win off points. I miss getting out of school and rushing up to the fields to get ready for the games during the spring. I miss being so involved with all these extracurriculars and not really understanding what having a life meant. 

I miss high school because I miss having the support of my teachers every year. I miss knowing that if anything was going wrong in my life or anything with school, I had one teacher who was always there, waiting to be my shoulder to cry on, telling me things would get better. 

I miss high school because I miss my so-called friends. In high school I was surrounded by people I thought would always be around. I guess that saying “You won’t end high school with the same people you started with,” is true. I didn’t end high school with one of the people I entered with, but I also didn’t exactly exit with anyone. 

I miss high school because I thought I knew who I was there. Everything happened for me in high school. I picked my future career, I lost my two best friends, I found the guy of my dreams, I found the drive I had been look for all along, I discovered who I am. 

But when I walked across that stage at graduation, and looked at my most favorite principal one last time, it didn’t occur to me that my life was, in fact, about to do a complete 180. I said goodbye to my favorite teacher, I said goodbye to the one thing that gave me the drive to always strive for the best, I said goodbye to the best days of my life.

And even today, a sophomore in college, working toward the career of my dreams, I wish I could go back to high school. 



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