Old Friends…New Life

Most of the time we are told that once we leave high school, we are going to lose most of the friends we think we have. At the time I was told this, I was positive it was a lie; In my mind, I knew that the friends I had would be there with me forever, but what person doesn’t think that, right?

The two people I swore would be there with me through it all were the people I met back in elementary school. They were the perfect people in my eyes, the perfect friends. Granted, they weren’t friends with each other, but they were my best friends and I wouldn’t have ever changed anything for the world. They were my backbone, they were the people that were there for me when I went through a heartbreak or a hard time, when things were good and when things were bad.

I did everything with, lets call her “Agetha.” Agetha was the best friend anyone could ask for. Her family welcomed me in from the beginning, pretty much. Every single one of them treated me like I was part of the family. I called her mom and dad, mom and dad. I called her my sister. We were with each other all the time, practically day and night, weekends, vacations. You name it, we were doing it. I knew she was the friend I would have for the rest of my life since the day I started public school in second grade.

Fast forward two years to fourth grade. That’s when I met my second best friend, and we’ll call her “Annie.” Our friendship wasn’t as strong as mine and Agetha’s at the beginning, but eventually as the years went on, it grew. When things fell apart with Agetha or when Agethat wasn’t available, Annie was there. We had so much fun together, planned our futures as best friends together.

Then senior year in high school rolled around years later. Things started getting rocky with my friendship with Agetha. She started hanging out with other people and I guess you could say I got jealous. Things were said by other people, and one day by one day our friendship died. So then I was left with only Annie.

But believe me, there wasn’t anything bad about that. Annie was awesome. Annie was my best friend all throughout junior and senior year. Well most of senior year.

Then I met a boy…well I’ve known this boy, but this boy, we’ll call him Andrew, started meaning a lot to me. I’m not going to say that he’s the reason mine and Annie’s friendship died, but I feel like this had a big reason because once me and Andrew started getting serious, I felt as though Annie started pulling away.

Anyways, the point of this post is because lately, I’ve missed the heck out of both Annie and Agetha. I miss the two people who I called my best friends, my sisters. I miss having someone I could always count on, someone I could fangirl with, be stupid with.

And if by some crazy chance either of you see this, just know I miss you both and I hope one day we can be friends again.

So, I guess I can end this post by saying, when they said you’ll lose your friends after high school, they were right.

xo, B.


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