Home Town Pride

A lot of the time you’ll hear people say that they have a lot “pride” in their school or their town or even for their country, but one thing I have come to notice is no one has more pride than the people of Harris County.

I’ve always lived in Harris County, basically. Since the age of four, I’ve called HC home. It has the best schools, the nicest people (for the most part), the most sense of pride. High school is a time to enjoy life and begin preparing yourself for the future and the big steps ahead of you. Harris County High School does just that. But that isn’t all we are made of.

I have never seen a school, a group of teenagers, or even an entire community show the amount of pride that the residents of Harris County do. No matter the situation, we are always coming together and showing everyone just what we are made of.

A few weeks ago the Harris County High School boys basketball team played in a region game. Not only was the student section packed, but the amount of people from the community that packed the stands was unbelievable. Throughout the rough game, you could hear “HC, HC, HCCCCC-WHAT!” being chanted like it was a second language. All I could do was sit and smile. It was a tough loss, but I was just so amazed at the amount of support that our athletes get that I couldn’t be upset.

While I no longer attend HCHS, and I’ve moved on to college, nothing will ever compare to sitting inside our gym, sitting in the stands during a football game, or packing the stands at Tiger Field for a baseball game at Harris County High School.

So many people hate Harris County, but all the while, they want to be us, they want to be apart of the legacy, they want to know what it feels like to be a Harris County Tiger. That is one thing I will never want to give up-knowing what it is like to be on the inside, knowing what it’s like to be the best.

xo, B.


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